history of faculty of medicine

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Faculty of Medicine
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences


The first academic proposal launched in Mashhad has been presented in1945. During 1950s, in the previous medical building (located on the ِDaneshgah street in front of the Central Building), a primary school with the name of Hemmat was changed to High School of Health. College of Medical Sciences, in the second month of 1950 was officially inaugurated by Dr. Zanganeh, The Minister of Culture. It started to work with 61 students, one associate professor and seven instructors and with initial funding of one hundred thousand Tomans . The first president of the medical faculty was Dr. Hussein Samirad. After the establishment of Mashhad Faculty of Literature, the University of Mashhad was founded in 1956. In 1987, National Medical Faculty was separated from the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education while continuing their work with the former Health Ministry under the title "the Ministry of Health and Medical Education". Thus Mashhad University was divided into two independent institutes " the University of Medical Sciences " and " Ferdoosi university of Mashhad ".

At present

The president of Medical School is Dr. Alamdaran. This school is equipped with a deputy of the education of basic sciences and supplementary education, public medical education (created in 1990 in the College of Medicine with the goal of integrated medical education in public education), specialized education and high specialized education deputy, ‌research, administrative and financial group and educational group, 20 clinical educational group, 11 basic sciences educational group and the office of development of education and research. Among 383 faculty members, 43 are Professors, 102 Associate Professors, 218 Assistant Professors, and 20 Instructors.

Mashhad Medical School now have Administrative Affairs offices, Accounting, Education, Libraries, Projects and Dfissertations Affairs, and Information Technology and Statistics Affairs with 100 staff.

The medical college annually accepts 120 students in the field of medicine, and in the fields of basic sciences, admission is done by the available capacity in graduate school.
There are 1213 medical students at different levels of basic sciences and clinical, 116 graduate students including 81 MS, 35 PhD students in Basic sciences, 439 different clinical students, 29 high specialized students and 3 fellowships.

Physical characteristics

Medical faculty in Mashhad was transferred to its new place inside Pardis Campus.

The total area of medical school is 54720 square meters 29424 square meters of which are infrastructure and in four floor:
Minus one floor includes parts of the anatomical sciences and animals room;
The ground floor includes the presidency, the administration, accounting, information technology and statistics, specialized and high specialized education department, students affairs and educational groups like Medical Physics, Physiology, Islamic Education, Anatomical science and Genetic;
The plus-one floor include a Public Education Unit
and the Basic Sciences and Graduate departments of Pharmacology and Biochemistry and Nutrition;
The plus-two floor include Library, the total area of 1400 square meters and study hall with capacity of 124 persons for males and 126 persons for females, the Computer Center with the capacity of 46 work station in two rooms for men and women.
Medical School has 14 public classes with the Total capacity of 950 people, two specialized class with the total capacity of 46 people, a class for teaching IT with the capacity of 20 people.
School has two Auditorium Theater with the capacity of 187 persons and 3 Council Chambers.