MD Major description

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Faculty of Medicine
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences


This course pursues the public education for doctors with following characteristics:

  • Introduction of providing health care for people;
  • Familiarization with the Islamic culture and Islamic Republic system and understanding the required regulations governing the Islamic society;
  • Having enough knowledge about health services system and being aware of their duties and responsibilities of the national system;
  • Having enough scientific and practical knowledge to function in the diagnosis of diseases, refer patients to higher health authorities, and participate in programs of disease prevention and public health;
  • The ability of using the latest scientific resources and new information in their work

Course length and shape:
Medical training takes seven years comprising of the following steps: basic sciences, typology, physiopathology, clinical training and internship

Requirements to enter Medical School:

To be accepted in the relevant entrance exam, having completed high school approved by the Ministry of Education of the inside or outside the country is required. Body and mental health is required during studying medicine which is 7 years. Maximum length allowed is 10 years, and the number of medical education units are 92 units in courses for basic sciences stage, 33 units for physiopathology stage, 96 units in clinical clerkship stage, 72 units for Internship stage and 6 units in thesis.

First stage: (basic sciences) - early stage of medical education for medical primary stage is 2.5 years. At this stage, students learn the public courses and basic and main courses. The purpose of this step is to learn body building training, exercise physiology, and health, understand the biological factors and pathogenic mechanisms of the immune body damage, and familiarize students with the principles and health issues.The maximum time allowed for passing the first step is 3 years.

Second stage:

The period for second stage is one year. The educational purpose of this stage is to give principal knowledge of physiological mechanism of diseases and familiarize students with the mechanism of diseases and different factors in their manifestation and diagnosis of diseases through the analysis of the diseases. During this stage, students are required to pass the following courses:

  • Typology and physiopathology;
  • Monitoring pathology and pharmacology;

* Physiopathology and typology are taught after completion of the basic science courses and the first six months of teaching the third year.
** Typology and physiopathology consist of courses in Gastroenterology, heart and blood circulation ( for around four weeks each ), Endocrinology and internal Metabolism, Kidney, blood and lungs of Rheumatology ( for around three weeks each ) with specific pharmacology and pathology and symptoms biology taught during six months.The maximum time allowed for passing the second stage is one-year

Third stage: Clinical Clerkship

The purpose of this stage is to diagnose diseases in laboratory and clinical perspective, obtain the necessary capabilities, use and gain independence thoughts and rapid conclusion toward the logical and correct approach to patients, and design prevention and treatment operations.
The time for a good clinical clerkship is 21 months during which the period of internal, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, eye, ear, nose and throat, psychiatry, radiology, dermatology and general courses based on the remaining units are spent according to attached tables.The sites of training are educational hospitals. Duration of this period is 21 months and the condition for internship period is a test before participating in internship training period.

Fourth stage: Clinical internship

The purpose of this period is to strengthen skills, increase responsibility and decisions made by students, face health issues and health affairs directly in contact with patients,  and to reach diagnosis and treatment with clinical examinations and laboratory instructions findings . All of these activities may be done under the relevant teachers and residents. The duration of this period is 18 months.

Fourth and Fifth Year Program is as follows:

  • Training in sections would be performed based on each section planning programs and related teachers;
  • One day in each week is allocated to teaching the remaining public courses units;
  • Clinical courses will be taught in the evenings

Clinical training tests will be held at the end of each section, and tests for theoretical courses will be held at the end of the session.
Clinical evaluation period at the end of each section shall be done as follows:

  • Observing medical ethics and maintaining medical rank and good attitude toward patients and other staff in the section;
  • Keeping interest rate and persistence of regular full-time presence in planning programs and courses according to relevant section;
  • Accuracy and responsibility in the affairs;
  • Authorities are responsible for the evaluation of learning power and the rate of student in progression of clinical training during his internship;

* The minimum score of 12/20 is required for passing the training period. Otherwise, the student must repeat this training.

Entrance exam internship:

Internship entrance exam test includes basic and main courses from the general, clinical sciences, physiopathology and clinical sciences held nationally.
Note 1 - participation in this entrance exam is essential for entering internship;
Note 2 - passing the training period is an essential condition for this exam
* Each student based on the rank, can select sectors in the faculty;


The total number of medical courses are 290 units: 152 credit courses and 138 units in typology, training, internship and thesis:

  • Public courses: 23 units;
  • Main courses: 68 units;
  • The second phase: 30 units;
  • Training: 95 units;
  • Internship and night shifts: 68 units
  • Thesis 6 units