Educational Development Office goals

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Faculty of Medicine
Mashhad University of Medical sciences

Educational Development Office


Qualitative and quantitative development of education and research in medicine


  • General quantitative development of learning and professional development through assessment as well as incentive and regulatory policies increasing the theoretical and practical courses for students and workshops for faculty members;
  • Quantitative development of research public course and specialized courses through assessment, planning and monitoring techniques improving the educational, physical spaces and policies encouraging people to be successful leading resources for research in the field of education;


  • Teachers empowerment;
  • Empowering academic staff
  • Empowering staff support;
  • Attracting students participation;
  • Documentation activities;
  • Qualitative building activities;
  • Collect scientific material from universities (domestic and abroad) and optimum utilization;
  • The use of educational resources outside the university (domestic and foreign universities);


Promoting knowledge and attitude and the development of Medical Education and Research